Study in Australia

Australia is one of the top countries to go if you are an international student; there are a variety of reasons that you should consider studying in Australia.

Featuring some of the Top 50 University in the World, Australia offers a unique study destination to many international students. Read more to find how Australia will be able to help your realize your potential.

Study in New Zealand

New experiences, new ideas, new adventures - welcome to New Zealand, design an education that meets your needs perfectly. New Zealand, famous for its amazing scenery, is a great country - a fun place to visit and a superb study destination.

Find out if you like to make New Zealand your study destination of choice and start your education journey today.

Get to know ANZEC!

With over 25 years of experience in Student Promotion ANZEC continues to promote students with partner universities in Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia enabling students to have a well rounded quality education that would take them to places. Led by a professional team, our staff are committed to quality and excellence in every aspect of service delivery; our personnel are reflective in finding the right university of the diverse cultural fabric.


Student testimonials: what the voices say!

The staff was wonderful and perfect advice was granted to me to select the best Overseas institute which made my education selection a success! Thanks ANZEC. Sherin de alwisFrom Australia
Your company is truly a professional outfit .I can and I will always recommend your consultancy to all my friends and relatives. May you go on from strength to strength. From: Aninda Atapattu
I am thankful to find ANZEC, who found me the path to my education which will bring my Career to a higher level. Nirosha BandaraFrom: New Zealand

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You may have been dreaming about an university after your School Education – or you might just have dreamed one day with your Graduation. Either way, if you want to go on higher education, now is the time to start the application process. A free advisory Package to help you reach the top in your education and career through excellence is with us - ANZECSL. Call us now or drop us an email by visiting the contact page.


We offer you a “A FREE advisory package”.
The right university for you.


Once you have an idea of the kind of courses you are interested in, look at what is being offered and where. Give us a call or click on the contact to know more on what we got for your kind of education.

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Our Working Process in 3 Steps

As a company, ANZEC established to provide complete and customized end-to-end solutions for students education, we help develop and/or improve the process of assessing student learning for a better career achievement following the right standards.

We ensure to develop "responsible persons" who will dedicate themselves to the enhancement of their knowledge conjoined with career success.

to understand

ANZEC undertake activities in clarifying the needs of the students and the university, the relevant administrators and others involved with the outcomes of student learning - enable the unit to decide what courses they value and thus what they expect to learn.


ANZEC agrees on ways to use the selected thoughts of the students to support improved student learning as well as an improved process setting appropriate criteria and high standards for learning quality ensuring all students of ANZEC get the right choice.

quality assurance

ANZEC Quality assurance is always guaranteed for the betterment of all students, ensuring our professionals guidance meet the goals of the students are compatible with the mission of the university and its strategic plan.

Our mission is your success!